'Paul Pogba's witchdoctor summoned swarm of moths', claims brother

Pogba's brother, who is in police custody, makes new set of wild allegations on Twitter

Pogba's France team lost the final, despite the moth invasion Credit: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

The swarm of huge moths that descended on the Stade de France before the Euro 2016 final were summoned by Paul Pogba's witch doctor, the footballer's elder brother has claimed. 

In the latest in his series of extraordinary allegations, Mathias Pogba also says his sibling would "scoff at human life", abandoned members of their family and left them in poverty. 

In 2016, players and supporters ducked for cover as moths swarmed across the pitch before Portugal's 1-0 victory over France. Now Mathias has claimed that the insects – described in his video as "butterflies" – were the work of a spell by his brother's witch doctor, "Ibrahim".

Having previously alleged that the witch doctor was used to cast curses on Kylian Mbappe, Mathias says he also cast spells for help in winning certain competitions. “Like in the Euro 2016 final, where strange things happened such as the swarm of butterflies before the match,” Mathias adds. 

According to various reports in France, Mathias alleges the witch doctor was paid a bi-monthly sum of €75,000 to €100,000 by his brother. 

The invasion of moths had not previously been linked to France's 1-0 defeat in the Euro 2016 final Credit: REUTERS/Darren Staples Livepic

The latest series of videos and tweets are said to have been released remotely by a "bot" set up by Mathias before he was taken into custody by police last week. In the messages, Mathias also makes allegations about Pogba's love life.

All claims from Mathias continue to be firmly rebutted by the former Manchester United midfielder. 

'There is nothing left to hope for'

The latest statements come after an extraordinary saga in which the former Manchester United player alleged he was effectively taken hostage and threatened, in an attempted extortion in Paris in March.

A criminal investigation continues in France into allegations that the 29-year-old’s own brother, Mathias, 32, and childhood friends were behind the plot. No further comment is expected from Pogba beyond a statement previously released via lawyers, which said: "The recent declarations of Mathias Pogba on social media are unfortunately not a surprise. They are coming after threats and attempts of extortion by an organised gang against Paul Pogba. This has been referred to the appropriate authorities both in Italy and in France." 

Pogba is understood to have told police he had an automatic rifle pointed in his face. The gang is also said to have taken Pogba to a flat in the Paris suburb of Lagny-sur-Marne, where he grew up, at the end of March. They allegedly wanted €13m (£11m) and had been threatening him for four months. 

In the latest series of recordings, Mathias, however, says: "Everyone wondered why I didn't make my revelations directly, thinking it was to blackmail my brother, but what I wanted was for him to take responsibility for himself and fix his injustices. 

"Because one always hopes for his brother a reform. We want to believe that the brother we loved still exists. But when this brother comes to scoff at human life, even as part of his family, there is nothing left to hope for. That's why I tried appeasement." 

Over the past day, however, more than 30 videos of Mathias reading face-to-camera from a statement were also posted on Twitter. It appears they were recorded before Mathias turned himself in for police questioning last week. He has remained in custody since. 

“If you are watching this video that will be because my brother Paul Pogba has found a way to silence me,” Mathias says in the first of the series. “I record this video so that whatever happens, everything is revealed.” Mathias wears three different T-shirts in the various videos, suggesting they were filmed at different times. 

The words “insurance video, held in a safe place” were written on top of many of the videos. The films come after previous social media posts where Pogba's brother had threatened to make explosive revelations about the injured Juventus midfielder. 

Mathias and four others were handed preliminary charges last Saturday in the extortion probe, French prosecutors have said. The videos were also accompanied by a series of Twitter posts. The first post in the long thread said it had been sent automatically by “my bot”. “That also means that I am no longer free,” the message read.