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I was attacked by two mastiffs… my leg looked like it had been mangled by a hedge cutter – and they’re on the loose

A WOMAN attacked by two ferocious mastiffs was left with a leg so damaged it looked like it had been "mangled by a hedge cutter".

Sarah Blaylock was out walking her own dog in July this year when the beasts charged over and circled her.

Sarah Blaylock was out walking her dog when she was attackedCredit: DAILY POST WALES
Her leg looked like it had been mangled by a hedge cutterCredit: DAILY POST WALES
At one point the 56-year-old had to consider plastic surgery to help with the injuriesCredit: DAILY POST WALES

The 56-year-old from Wrexham said one of the large dogs had pinned her springer spaniel Wilf to the ground and the other was behind her ready to pounce.

Sarah told WalesOnline she blocked out the brutal attack but is still struggling to walk two months on.

And police are now appealing for help to try and trace a dark-coloured Vauxhall Insignia estate after two people at the scene drove off - they are believed to be the owners of the two mastiffs.

Officers say a man ran over to Sarah to pick up his partner's pink phone, which she had dropped, while insisting he would return to help.

However, the couple left Sarah bleeding in the road and jumped in their car with the dogs, speeding off.

Sarah found the strength to stagger a short distance before a motorist pulled over and offered their help.

Her husband Mike then took her to Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

Sarah said: “It all happened so quickly. I imagine the woman screamed because the dogs had got loose and were running at me.

"Later, the police told me I shouldn’t have run, but that was my instinct, and looking back now, I wish I hadn’t.

“The dogs seemed to circle us. I stopped running when I saw one had pinned Wilf on his back.

"I hadn’t realised but the other had gone behind me. It attacked me but I can’t actually remember being bitten.”

Sarah's friends were also appalled with the attack with one woman writing on Facebook: "You should have seen her leg.

"She looked like she had been mangled with a hedgecutter.”

Sarah has been left traumatised by the attack and could have to face plastic surgery to help save her leg after multiple infections.

NWP Wrexham Rural police team said: “The dogs were with a male and female.

"The female is described as about 5ft 5in with brown hair tied back, and the male is described as a similar height with dark hair.

"The pair walked off with the dogs before the male returned and picked up a pink phone.”

Two months on Sarah is getting infections and struggling to walkCredit: DAILY POST WALES
Police are appealing for help in finding a dark-colour Vauxhall Insignia which left the scene back in JulyCredit: DAILY POST WALES