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Sidemen FC 8-7 YouTube All Stars LIVE RESULT: Miniminter HAT-TRICK as Sidemen win 15-goal THRILLER – latest reaction

- Who are the group Sidemen?
- How did Yung Filly rise to fame?
- What does Theo Baker do for work?
- Is Zerkaa married?
- Who is Callux?

SIDEMEN FC fought back in stunning fashion to beat the YouTube All Stars 8-7 in the Sidemen Charity Match 2022.

Sidemen star Miniminter scored a sizzling hat-trick including a late, late winner as the game ended as an absolute thriller.

Charlton's The Valley stadium was long SOLD OUT for the game, which saw KSI's Sidemen group take on a selection of YouTube All Stars.

Among the FIFTEEN goals scored, Chunkz and Yung Filly both hit screamers for the YouTube All Stars.

Follow ALL the latest reaction with our live blog below...

  • JD Sports vote

    Even sportswear giants JD Sports are in on the Sidemen game.

    They took to Twitter to ask: "If @crawleytownfc are going to sign someone based on their #SidemenCharityMatch performance today, who gets the nod."

    There options include TBJZL, Speed, Harry Pinero, or someone else.

    Get voting.

  • Same again next year

    KSI is has spoken about a truly brilliant day for the social media community.

    And he hopes it'l happen again next year.

    He wrote: "What a day. I’m absolutely knackered but I’m so proud of what the social media/online community did today. So entertaining & raised so much money for charity. A historic moment.

    "Thanks to everyone that made this event so special.

    "Can’t wait to do it again next year :)"

  • The highlights are out

    It finished 8-7 as the Sidemen edged out YouTube Allstars in a thriller.

    And now the highlights are out on YouTube.

    If you missed anything, here's all the action.

  • Lethal Miniminter

    Miniminter was lethal today - scoring a hat-trick for the Sidemen.

    His three goals came from just 0.4 xG - which even Erling Haaland wouldn't sniff at.

    He had 10 shots at goal and was the decisive factor.

  • Behzinga praises Sidemen

    Behzinga has praised Sidemen for their victory against the YouTube Allstars.

    He took to Twitter to report a simple message.

  • Fight club

    Deji has hinted who his next opponent is.

    The comedian defeated Fousey last time out.

    And now it appears he has his mind set on the YouTuber.

    He tweeted: "My next opponent @ishowspeedsui" with a picture of the pair in the YouTube Allstars dressing room.

  • KSI the enforcer

    KSI might have been on the receiving end of a nasty tackle from Speed less than a minute into the game. But, he was the biggest enforcer on the pitch.

    The YouTuber turned boxer won four tackles, made two interceptions and won 11 duels.

    He contributed the most defensive actions out of all the players on show.

  • Chris MD's heat map

    Chris MD was the midfield general in Sidemen's 8-7 win over YouTube Allstars.

    And his impressive heat map shows how involved he was in today's charity game.

    No one had as many touches on the pitch as Chris MD did in the match.

  • Speed fuming with Clattenburg

    Mark Clattenburg was on the receiving end of abuse from YouTuber Speed.

    The American had a goal chalked off - and wasn't happy about it.

    "Oh my god! So much anger built inside of me you know. I’m mad bro," he said after the final whistle.

    "Who is that ref? Are you even a Premier League ref bro? That’s a clear goal, they just hating. I’m very p**ssed off now bro."

  • £1million raised

    Sidemen FC have taken to Twitter to reveal they have made over £1million for charity.

    "However, because a number of fans tried to enter the stadium without paying, they were forced to close the stadium gates," they wrote on Twitter.

    "Thank you so much to everyone who made this day so special and helped to raise over £1,000,000 for our incredible chosen charities.

    "Unfortunately however due to a small minority attempting to break into the stadium, we were forced to lock the gates meaning a number of you weren’t able to get in despite having tickets.

    "This was a security and safety decision, however we appreciate this is incredibly frustrating and disappointing for those unfairly impacted. We deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused."

  • Tony Robertson

    CHRIS MD joins in with the Toney trolling

    Football YouTuber ChrisMD - who scored a goal today - added his own rendition of last weeks Ivan Toney trolling to the Sidemen Charity aftermath.

    Arsenal fan Chris, copied Gunners star Gabriel after he brilliantly trolled Brentford star Toney with a "Nice kick about with the boys," Tweet.

    Chris copied this after the game, Tweeting: "Nice kick about with the boys."

  • Tony Robertson

    Reaction to Chunkz screamer

    Following news Crawley Town sent their scouts to the game today, Chunkz - who also starred at Soccer Aid - scored a beauty from long-range to open the scoring, and it got many fans talking about a potential contract for the Londoner.

    One user said: "Chunkz to Crawley here we go!"

    Another said: "That’s Chunkz signing for Crawley!"


  • Tony Robertson

    KSI on the Charity Match

    KSI to Sky Sports before the game: "It's incredible (the atmosphere), 27,000 people screaming, shoutin, raring to go, everyone's buzzing.

    "10 years ago we were in our bedrooms playing Fifa pretending to be our favourite footballers.

    "I didn't expect to ever be on a pitch, or to be able to do boxing or music or whatever I'm doing. I didn't expect any of this."

  • Tony Robertson

    Some reaction

    Nottingham Forest defender Neco Williams: "Where’s VAR what a goal SPEED."

    One Twitter user shared a clip of Speed doing stepovers and joked: "Speed plays exactly like Ronaldo."

  • Tony Robertson

    Expected goals

    Once again The xG Philosophy on Twitter has provided expected goals data for the game.

    And it's same to say both teams overperformed quite a bit.

    Sidemen (3.21) 8-7 (2.66) YouTube All Stars

  • Tony Robertson

    Over £1million raised for charity

    Over £1million has been raised for charity thanks to the Sidemen Charity match.

    The total raised today is £1,074,379.

    What an effort from all of those involved.

  • Tony Robertson

    Trophy celebration

    KSI lifts the Sidemen Charity trophy as his side retain their title.

    Credit: Sidemen YouTube
  • Tony Robertson

    Trophy presentation under risk

    The trophy presentation on the pitch might not be happening now due to pitch disruption from a number of people from the crowd.

    It looks set to happen in the changing room.

  • Tony Robertson

    Chunkz revealed he nearly cried

    In his post-match interview Chunkz revealed he nearly cried when he scored his wonderful long-range effort.

    He said: "I looked at the space and thought you know what, Pieface didn't have the capability (to save his shot).

    "Thank god because I thought you know what go for it and I saw it sink in and I almost cried.

    "Because you know how I've struggled at Soccer Aid three years in a row and I came back to the Sidemen pitch and I done it."

  • Tony Robertson

    Lap of honour

    Players from both sides are now doing a lap of honour.

    Speed is doing a post-match interview now, and claims the celebration for his disallowed goal made him feel like Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • Tony Robertson

    2.6 million viewers

    The players are shaking hands on the pitch now.

    What a game of football this was.

    2.6 million people were watching the stream on the Sidemen's YouTube Channel at the end of the game.

  • Tony Robertson


    But the free-kick is saved by Pieface and Clattenburg blows the whistle.

  • Tony Robertson

    Sidemen FC 8-7 YouTube All Stars

    90+5. Baker stepping up to take the kick here.

  • Tony Robertson

    Sidemen FC 8-7 YouTube All Stars

    90+2. Last kick of the game coming up here as All Stars are awarded a free-kick on the edge of the area.

    Cal The Dragon is coming forward from goal too.

  • Tony Robertson

    Sidemen FC 8-7 YouTube All Stars

    90. Two minutes added on.