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Married at First Sight’s Lara Eyre finally reveals who her Hollywood ex is – and he’s a HUGE star

MARRIED At First Sight UK star Lara Eyre set tongues wagging when she revealed she had dated a very famous actor.

The waitress, 50, who appeared on MAFS UK and wed Richie Dews, shared the goss during a Q&A with fans on Instagram.

Unfortunately Lara Eyre didn't find love with guitarist Richie Dews on MAFS UKCredit: Matt Monfredi / Channel 4
The MAFS UK star says she's done with dating after leaving the showCredit: instagram/thelaraeyre

Lara sheepishly confessed, “I may have dated someone from Sons Of Anarchy” in response to the question: “Who’s your most famous ex?”

Fans promptly scoured the internet for clues to work out which of the hit biker gang show's actors she was in a relationship with.

The mum-of-two remained silent about the Hollywood A-lister's identity, but has now come clean during an exclusive interview with The Sun.

Former professional dancer and model Lara confessed: “It’s Charlie Hunnam. I dated Charlie Hunnam for a while, he was lovely and I’ve always had a soft spot for him. 

"I was friends with Antony Cotton who is on Coronation Street, and he was filming Queer As Folk.

"I saw Charlie on the television and I said, 'That guy is so hot, I have to be introduced,' so he introduced us and that's how we got together.

“He was a bit younger than me and it started after he finished filming the first season Queer As Folk, and we were kind of seeing each other as the second one started. 

“We split up for a while and then we got back together. I lived in Tokyo and Thailand and he was in America, so we met up a few times in New York and LA.

Lara dated Charlie Hunnam, who famously appeared in Sons Of AnarchyCredit: Rex
Hollywood A-lister Charlie, left, in Queer As Folk alongside Aidan Gillen and Craig KellyCredit: Channel 4

“We went our separate ways and then he got so famous and I had no way to get in touch with him because I’d changed my number.

“I doubt he’s going to see messages from me on Instagram, it would probably go straight into his spam folder.

“We lost touch but he’s a great guy and I had such a laugh with him.”

In hit Channel 4 show Queer As Folk, which ran for two seasons between 1999 and 2000 and was adapted for US audiences, Charlie, now 42, played Nathan Maloney, a 15-year-old new to the gay scene.

Charlie is eight years younger than Lara and has been dating jewellery designer Morgana McNelis since 2007.

The actor was previously linked to actresses Rashida Jones, Katherine Towne and Stella Parker, producer Georgina Townsley and English author Sophie Dahl.

He went onto become a Hollywood star featuring in films King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, Pacific Rim, Children Of Men and Cold Mountain.

In Sons Of Anarchy he played Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller, who goes on to lead the outlaw motorcycle gang.

'Given up dating'

Lara and Richie seemed the perfect match on paper but things didn't work outCredit: CPL Productions

Lara went on MAFS UK hoping to find love after being single for 12 years following a run of bad relationships.

On the show, she joked: “The experts couldn't pick any worse than I could pick.”

Now Lara says she’s taking a break from dating after things didn’t work out with Dare guitarist Richie, who previously appeared on Take Me Out.

She admits: “I’m a bit gunshy now and I meant it when I said on the show, that if it didn’t work I’m not dating. 

“I’m done. Thank God I have Apple, Paramount, Netflix, Sky and Amazon Prime, all I do when I’m not taking care of my children is watch TV with wine.”

Her remark comes despite cheeky Instagram posts, including a snap of her cuddling Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson.

She wrote: “Now this is more like a match MAFS!!!! Wouldn’t kick @samthompsonuk out of bed for eating crackers.”

'I'm surprised I haven't dated a serial killer'

Since leaving the show, Lara’s been overwhelmed with kind comments from viewers - and also received an odd message from an overeager fan.

She says: “Someone said, ‘You the only reason I watch Married At First Sight in jail’.

“This is exactly the type of guy who would message me, someone in jail with nothing to lose who was wackadoo. 

“I must have some vibe I give off, I don’t know how I haven’t dated a serial killer yet or someone who wants to wear me as a hat.”

Lara’s also had a few people approach her in the street - and at work. 

She says: “I was recognised while I was trying to scrape gum off the bottom of a stool at work.

"I am so not living my best life – reality star by night, gum scrubber by day. 

“The first time I thought someone recognised me in the street, someone stopped me and said, 'Is this you?'

"I thought she was going to bring out a Heat magazine and so I said, ‘Oh yes, I’m on TV’.

"But I’d dropped my bank card, how bad is that? It could have been so much worse.”

Backlash from lingerie pic

Lara reveals some have left nasty messages after she posted pics in her underwearCredit: instagram/thelaraeyre

While Lara says the majority of fans have said “the kindest things”, recently some have criticised her for sharing saucy snaps in her underwear.

She captioned one: “When your [sic] feeling s****y and gaslit there’s nothing like dancing around in your Primark pants to cheer a girl up.”

Recalling the backlash, Lara said: “One lady wrote, ‘It’s disgraceful at your age, my kids would be horrified’.

"I told her my parents would be more embarrassed if I acted like a Karen.

“Everyone’s entitled to their opinions though, people will scrutinise everything you do but you can’t be woke and perfect all of the time.”

Reflecting on her MAFS UK experience, Lara says she ha no regrets and admits she would “do it all again”.

She added: “I loved it. I loved every minute, even the bad days when we were stuck in a s****y hotel in the Docklands waiting.

"I had Deliveroo sushi on tap, so I was living my best life.”