Is This the BEST Phone of 2024? The Zenfone 11 Ultra’s SECRET Features Revealed!
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Asus successively launched two flagship phones in the first half of the year.

After the public announcement of ROG Phone 8 in January 2024, the Zenfone 11 Ultra was launched on March 14, 2024. The two have approximations in many traits, but Asushi In addition to the back cover design style and thin institutions.

The self-AI function also differentiates the two products; in the end, whether Zenfone 11 Ultra is a simplified version of ROG Phone 8 or other insight.

Zenfone 11 Ultra-Responsive Touch: Every Tap and Swipe Registers Instant

Zenfone 11 Ultra’s four color schemes

Is This the BEST Phone of 2024? The Zenfone 11 Ultra's SECRET Features Revealed!

Zenfone has started to master the hand-in-hand design since Zenfone 8, trying to provide a different choice from the mainstream flagship large screen, and grabbing a differentiated market with a size that can be mastered by one hand; however, the previous introduction of ASUS Zenfone intends to abandon the hand-in-hand design and change to the market.

The mainstream screen features a new generation of Zenfone Although ASUS’s subsequent opening speech indicates that it will continue to work on small-size product development, the Zenfhone 11 Ultra is a large screen model that tends to approach the mainstream market preference of flagship aircraft.

Zenfone 11 Ultra has the characteristics of the ROG Phone 8. Even the USB charging hole is equipped with a partial axis configuration and a 3.5mm headphone jack, but in addition to the lack of a second USB  for flanging the fan, the back cover design style also has Different styles

However, the new design style of ROG Phone 8 is already more conservative than ever ‘s large light-effecting Atletico Eye and e-sports text still indicates that it is an e-sports phone. Still, Zenfon 11 uses the cover design of a new generation of Zenbook, combining the ASUS 30-year corporate logo with the machine back, showing a simple, low-key but also recognizable style.

Is This the BEST Phone of 2024? The Zenfone 11 Ultra's SECRET Features Revealed!

Asus emphasizes that Zenfone 11 Ultra is an environmentally sustainable model with 100% recycled aluminum in the fuselage metal middle frame and 22% recycled glass raw materials in the screen glass of Corning Victus 2. The boxed black protective shell is also advertised for use of 50% Recycled plastic, boxed for FSC-certified perpetual paper manufacturing

And uses plant-based soybean ink printing; other eye-tip players will also find that this time Zenfone 11 Ultra no longer provides boxed chargers, but Zenfone 11 Ultra has to keep up with the trend of sustainable development in the mobile phone market.

The key specifications resemble ROG Phone 8, but the details are still many different

Is This the BEST Phone of 2024? The Zenfone 11 Ultra's SECRET Features Revealed!

At that time, the spy of Zenfone 11 Ultra came out, because the camera, screen, etc. had the same characteristics, which at that time triggered whether Zenfone 11 Ultra was a product under the sharing of ROG Phone 8 resources; if the author compares his own specifications with the characteristics, Zenfone 11 Ultra is regarded as ROG Phone 8 twin machine is not completely wrong.

Because Asus also reminded us that Zenfone 11 Ultra also uses a dual-core battery, the main panel is placed in the configuration, but in addition to the software function, Asus has left some details.

Is This the BEST Phone of 2024? The Zenfone 11 Ultra's SECRET Features Revealed!

The maximum screen update rate is reduced to 144Hz, but the LTPO dynamic update rate in non-game mode is 1-120Hz

Compared with the ROG Phone 8, which focuses on e-sports, Asus has removed many designs related to e-sports. In addition to canceling the multi-functional connection port on the side, it also takes off the shoulder keys born for game needs; in addition, although Asus did not speak clearly, It also implies that the heat dissipation structure of Zenfone 11 Ultra is relatively streamlined during product descriptions.

Another special difference is the panel. Although Zenfone 11 Ultra is also a 6.78-inch E6-level 2500nits LTPO panel, the game mode update rate has dropped from a maximum of 160 Hz to 144 Hz, which is also differentiated as a two-model, but the standard mode also has 1-120Hz variable update rate that can combine energy saving and visual experience.

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